Saturday, June 28, 2008

Excerpt from Messianic Hebrews International

The Ekklesia of Yahweh

According to prophecy, there was a former rain; this was the out-pouring of YHWH’s Spirit on that famous Day of Shavuoth (Pentecost) of 30 A.D. (Acts 2:1-4), marking the birth of Spiritual Israel. But, as usual, Satan conspired with the beast from the sea (the Roman Empire) and the beast from the earth (a religious leader or world religious system), --to whom he gave his power (Rev.13)--, to pervert and silence the Original Message (Gal.1:6-7; 2 Thes.2:2-7; 1 John 2:18-19; Rev.2:15). Already, in the first 50 years of the ekklesia of Yahweh, as recorded by the early apostles, many false workers had crept in and preached different doctrines (Jude 3-4). They mislead a majority of believers and caused many others to drift away from the truth. [They] have strayed concerning the truth... and they overthrew the faith of some," wrote Paul (2 Timo.2:18). Several different doctrines called gospels (spells of god) came out, flourished, and matured in Europe, under the protection of emperors and monarchs and states' legislations. This mystery of iniquity (2 Thes.2:7) is the greatest enigma of the ages, that has baffled generations of people and kept the world under the thickest clouds of ignorance ever, for many centuries.

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