Saturday, May 24, 2008

Excerpt from Family Restoration Magazine

The Home should be the Center of Spiritual Grow

The Church has rejected the model given by God to produce biblical spiritual growth. It is obviously not walking in His ways (Deut. 11:22). In its place the Church has chosen the worldly model of the Greco/Roman theater. The Greco/Roman model teaches that what the church does when assembled is supposed to be mimicked by its members in their homes. This is just the opposite of God's plan. This reversal has produced catastrophic results! Among them, family personal relationships have been replaced by programs. Buildings are now called "the church" rather than the people. In most religious communities, members are no longer "pastured." No time for this today! This has ceased because pastors are too busy managing their churches as if they were theaters. This has led many churches to compete with one another. Insatiable success appetites have demanded that churches plan special events with "big-name" speakers to attract large crowds. Worldly measures are now used to define congregational success. The number of people attending services, financial assets or the number of programs offered now define success. Spiritual growth has given way to "being plugged into" programs.

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