Monday, March 31, 2008

Excerpt from Voice of the Overcomer Ministries

Jesus looks different than I expected!

Speaking the truth sometimes discomforts people. We are much more comfortable with the way things are, and when Truth comes and disturbs the way we are use to believing, the turmoil in our souls can be extreme. But if we truly are seekers of Truth, we will wrestle with it even as Jacob did and not let go until it makes itself known to us.
Many in the church are having this wrestling going on in them today. They hear the voice of their Beloved crying out to them, but He sounds a little different than they thought. He sounds a little more Hebraic than they pictured Him, and who are all these Jewish looking people with Him? So they are frightened, even questioning if this is really Him. Then they remember, if even for a fleeting moment… Wasn’t there something about Him being a Hebrew? … of the Tribe of Judah, … of the House of David? But that so conflicts with the picture we have had of Him, it’s hard for our hearts to not question. But Yeshua is Truth and He will prevail in the hearts of those who are seeking Truth.
Lord, thank you that even if things look a little different than I expected, thank you that you will not quit wrestling with us until we receive your blessing.

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