Saturday, February 9, 2008

Excerpts from Family Bible Ministries

Is Torah Observance for Today?

The reason that Messianic Jews continue in Torah observance is that God requires it. The only portion of the Torah that has been set aside is that which deals with the ceremonial aspects of temple worship ... impossible to follow now because there is no Temple; but in the future Kingdom ...? That is an area wide open to speculation. For me, this is the simplest line of reasoning to support Torah observance:

1. When the divisions of Systematic Theology known as Theology Proper (the Doctrine of God) and Christology (the Doctrine of Christ) are correctly understood, the conclusion is reached that God the Father has never appeared to man at any time, and that all appearances of God to man at any time, whether recorded in the Brit Chadasha (“New Testament”) or the Tanakh (“Old Testament”), are the Person of God the Son (also known as Theophanies or Christophanies).

2. The Brit Chadasha teaches, without any fear of contradiction, that Yeshua is God the Son.

3. Therefore, all appearances of God to man at any time are, in fact, appearances of Yeshua, whether before or after His incarnation (physical birth).

Having determined logically that all appearances of God in the Bible are appearances of Yeshua, we now turn to the Torah.

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