Saturday, January 12, 2008

Excerpt from the Ancient Hebrew Research Center

Archeology uncovers ancient tools, household objects, texts and inscriptions of the ancient Hebrews and other related cultures. Anthropoloy studies the culture and lifestyle of the ancient people as well as modern day nomads whose culture and lifestyle have remained virtually the same since the days of Avraham. Linguistics study the ancient languages including Hebrew and other related languages which can shed light on Biblical words. The Bible which was written by the ancient Hebrews also teaches us much about the ancient Hebrews.

When we combine and study the material provided by these fields of study, we open the door into their culture and lifestyle which will help us to better understand their words which they have recorded in the Tenack (Old Testament). The purpose of this web site is to teach the relationship between the Hebrew language and the Hebrew culture, which will give us a deeper understanding of Biblical words.

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