Sunday, December 9, 2007

Excerpt from Karl Coke Evangelistic Association

The Importance of Hebrew

We know God communicates to his creation in all languages. As proof of that, people from all nations have received God’s Messiah, Jesus, via their own language. However, to fully know foundational truths, one must study Holy Scriptures in Hebrew. Someone in every spiritual grouping should have access to God’s Word in Hebrew. This would prevent calling t’fillin (phylacteries – Matt. 23:5) “valor ribbons” (worn on chest of soldier) in the Creole Bible. Samuel Heilman, in his book, Defenders of the Faith, says on page 12, “At a time when Jews have returned to their biblical homeland and resurrected their ancient tongue, they no longer need foreign labels. Both “Orthodox and “Ultra-Orthodox” come from a language foreign to Jewish experience. Unlike them, “haredi” (those who tremble at God’s Word) resonates with Jewish meaning. Language, after all, is also an expression of nationhood.” Heilman makes us aware that by studying a language you discover other things. He says that by using Hebrew you discover a nation. I would add that by studying Hebrew you discover a culture, a land and a history. By immersing oneself in Hebrew, a student of God’s Word discovers not only “what” is said but “why” it is said. By learning a language you learn a mindset. It is then that the Holy Spirit of God can more accurately apply what He has written.

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