Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Excerpt from CRMI Resources

What If ...

So let’s play a game of “what if”. What if the northern kingdom of Israel, the nation taken captive by the Assyrians around 722 BCE, is still waiting to be redeemed. What if they did not return (in any massive way) through gradual assimilation, and the return will be as the prophets seem to write about in the Tanach: at the end of the age the house of Israel will return from being lost among the Gentiles. They will be drawn back from the four corners of the earth to the true worship of God and to the land of Israel.
As the prophet Ezekiel writes, the house of Israel is like a valley of dry bones. It seems to appear out of nowhere. If the house of Israel (the Lost Ten Tribes) is to come back to the land of Israel and be reunited with the house of Judah, exactly how will it come about? How do you know who a member of the lost tribes is? There are no identifying marks. There is no defined history (after all they were “lost”).
The whole idea of a completely “lost” nation, appearing out of nowhere at the end of the age, sounds so unlikely it is easy to dismiss it all as a silly legend. But “What if” … What if it really is to happen that way. What would it look like? What if God began to bring the northern kingdom back from exile, and there was no one to guide them or to assist them along the way.

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