Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Excerpt from Beth Emunah Online!

Are Messianic Jews "Jews for Jesus"?

Due to the very visible presence of the organization Jews for Jesus, there is a common misconception in the Jewish community that all Jewish believers in Yeshua are “Jews for Jesus.” However, this is not the case. Jews for Jesus is a specific Christian evangelistic organization that employs paid workers and volunteers to actively convert Jews to Christianity.
The difference is that Messianic Jews fundamentally believe that Jews are obligated to remain Jews, and live Jewish lives in obedience to our covenant relationship with God; through the redemption of Yeshua the Messiah. Another difference is that Messianic Jews are not seeking to convert Jews to Christianity or away from Judaism. As a Judaism, like other forms of Judaism, we desire to see Jews who have left their Jewishness return to Judaism and live covenant faithful lives. From a Messianic Jewish perspective, faith in a Jewish Messiah should lead one to a greater sense of Jewish identity, not away from it.

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